10 Benefits of Bitter Melon: Bitter but full of benefits

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Fans of Bird Thongchai McIntyre know that Bird likes to drink blended bitter melon juice every morning. This may be the secret to his youthful appearance and strength (look, people all over the country still call him “Phi”). But actually, bitter melon is not only useful. Health would like to invite everyone to eat bitter melon, a spinach that many people don’t like to eat. But did you know that bitter melon has many benefits for the body, as follows ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app:

10 Benefits of Bitter Melon: Bitter but full of benefits

10 Benefits of Bitter Melon  : Bitter but full of benefits

  1. It helps reduce the chance of getting diabetes because bitter melon is not sweet, so you don’t get diabetes. It’s that simple. It also helps increase insulin secretion in the pancreas to reduce sugar production from the liver.
  2. Helps fight free radicals, which certainly reduces the chances of getting cancer and makes your skin radiant and less prone to wrinkles.
  3. Helps treat liver disease according to traditional Thai medicine.
  4. It may look bitter, but eating it helps with appetite.
  5. Helps expel worms
  6. Squeezed and drunk fresh, it can be used as a mild laxative.
  7. Treat osteoarthritis and nourish joints
  8. Helps purify the blood and treat liver diseases.
  9. Helps digestion
  10. Strengthen bones and teeth

Tips for cooking bitter melon without bitterness

Boil bitter melon in boiling water with a little salt or eat it with a little coconut milk and chili paste. If you boil stuffed bitter melon, boil it for a long time to reduce bitterness or add spiciness instead, such as in the bitter melon panang curry dish.


  • Pregnant and lactating women should consult their doctor before consuming bitter melon.
  • People with kidney disease should be careful when eating bitter melon because it can affect kidney function.
  • Raw bitter melon should not be eaten as it may cause diarrhea.

Bitter melon , a spinach that is rich in properties and health benefits. Eating bitter melon regularly will help your body stay strong and far from illness.