7 foods high in vitamin E that men should eat Promote good health easily and easily

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Another type of vitamin for maintaining your health for men . that are essential to the body, not allergic to other types This is because vitamin E is a component of cell membranes. This helps prevent hemolysis. Prevents inflammation and neutralizes free radicals. If the body lacks vitamin E or doesn’t get enough. May cause abnormalities related to the nervous system. related to speech and walking, for example, slurred speech, staggering, unsteady balance and have muscle weakness which results in the loss of personality Therefore, we have gathered together foods that are high in vitamin E. For you men, let’s share.

7 foods high in vitamin E that men should eat Promote good health easily and easily

1.Olive oil

It is a type of vegetable oil. which is good fat Suitable for health lovers. In 1 tablespoon, vitamin E is 4.6 milligrams, but the price is quite high.

2. Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are high in vitamin E. And that makes many people like it because it has delicious national cars. Can be taken as a snack or snacks during the day Nowadays it is used to make hazelnut oil. which is also high in vitamins

3. Wheat hair nose

Mostly it is eaten in the form of oil, which in 1 tablespoon contains 20 milligrams of vitamins, which can be used in cooking.


Whether it’s Nam Dok Mai mango, Khiao Sawoey, it’s delicious. and is beneficial to the body In addition to vitamin E, it also contains fiber, vitamin C, B6, potassium, and antioxidants. Helps resist the deterioration of various organs.

5. Avocado

It is a fruit that is rich in many beneficial substances for our body. Whether it’s good ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com fatty acids, fiber, vitamin C and vitamin E that help nourish young people’s skin to be bright and smooth.


Another fruit that is high in vitamin E. It has a sweet and sour taste when eaten. Makes you feel refreshed It also contains vitamin K, vitamin C, fiber, and many antioxidants that are good for our bodies.

7. Sunflower seeds

Simple snacks that are easy to chew and can be bought at any convenience store. 28 grams of sunflower seeds contain 10 milligrams of vitamin E, which is enough for our body each day.

Daily intake of vitamin E You shouldn’t eat too much, but you shouldn’t miss it because it will help nourish and maintain the working condition of various systems. Always be efficient Symptoms of people who get too much vitamin E There will be diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue and dizziness. Normally, our bodies can tolerate high doses of vitamin A. If anyone is not comfortable eating it as food Nowadays, there are dietary supplements that specifically provide vitamins. It is considered another good option. Can be purchased at general department stores or drug stores.