Brands: Everton still interested in Van de Beek

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Everton have plans to bring in Donny van de Beek to strengthen the midfield. Plus Donny van de Beek appears to be only a substitute for Manchester United and rarely does. No matter how many times he received the field. Despite his relatively satisfactory performance. News of the transfer continued immediately. But Ole Gunnar Solskjaer insisted that Donny van de Beek will not be released. Of course, even if there is an offer to consider.

But Donny van de Beek hasn’t been given a chance to play for Manchester United. Even though he’s a substitute causing. Donny van de Beek to start being unhappy with his situation. He has News of a transfer continues. Everton have continued to show interest in Donny van de Beek. Marcel Brands insisting Donny van de Beek is still a target. The F. Everton are the same. He are ready to make an offer for Manchester United to consider immediately in January.

“Donny van de Beek has always been one of our targets. In the last transfer market an offer was made to Manchester United to consider before being quickly rejected. Although they We will have discussions with Donny van de Beek’s personal agent, Guido Alberts, but everything is not happening. Pulled Donny van de Beek to join the team as well, leaving only Manchester United to accept offers that other teams only offer. ufabet