Conte admits taking charge of Spurs is a big challenge.

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte admits taking on the job at Tottenham is challenging. His main goal is to lead Tottenham. Nam Hotspur is back with success again.

Tottenham are forced to part ways with Nuno Santo. After just four months of joining together. Following a disappointing performance and a total defeat to Manchester United. The picture was Nuno Santo’s last straw. As soon as he parted ways with Nuno Santo. Antonio Conte’s name immediately came up. Although he was previously linked with several teams. He was definitely Tottenham. Hotspur signed Antonio Conte as their new manager.

And Antonio Conte led Tottenham Hotspur to beat Vitesse first in the Europa Conference League, plus in the next match Tottenham Hots. Spurs will also have to visit Everton in the English Premier League, where Antonio Conte admits taking charge of Tottenham is not easy at all and what it is. Very challenging to take over Tottenham Hotspur by Antonio Conte said that

“It’s a very challenging thing to take over Tottenham Hotspur because, as you know, Tottenham have been a team that hasn’t been successful for many years in a row. And so it’s my job to win Tottenham Hotspur, even if it takes months or years, and Tottenham is a club that has A great vision which I have to make it come true on the pitch and the main goal is to bring Tottenham to success.”