Foden praises his teammates for not giving up.

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Liverpool have consistently set an unbeaten record at Anfield. Most of them have managed to keep winning despite facing the toughest teams in the English Premier League. Despite having a hard time after fans were unable to enter. Come to watch the game on the field. But after all measures have been lenient, Anfield has returned to hell for the away team again and Liverpool have spelled out not even a single defeat in the English Premier League.

Despite having to receive the visit of Manchester City, but it was Liverpool who performed much better and also scored two goals. Unfortunately, Manchester City managed to score a goal to equalize successfully and Getting one important point away and getting one point back away from Anfield was not an easy task, with Phil Foden praising all of his team-mates for a satisfying performance and one crucial point. Back out successfully by Phil Foden said in an interview.

“A visit to Anfield where the fans came to watch the game was never an easy task, of course we did our best to hope to get the points back even in the tough times. It was very difficult but we were able to get the points back out successfully. Of course getting the goal to go up first put us under a lot of pressure immediately but we coped well and kept. 1 important point can be returned. “Manchester City will face Burnley after the international break is over.