Hargreaves reveals Fred should stay on the pitch

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Fred is likely to make mistakes most often in the 2021/22 season. Despite being given the opportunity to start regularly. Fred’s mistakes have cost Manchester United a goal almost every time. Being a defensive midfielder in the most recent game against Everton. There was a mistake caused by Fred’s throwing the ball in the direction of Demarai Gray. Despite trying to squeeze the ball in. Can’t take it and also bounces off the beat of Demarai Gray as well.

Demarai Gray then passed the ball to Abdoulai Dougure before reaching Andros Townsend. Manchester United were equalized and missed three points in disappointing Owen. Hargreaves has not been at all okay with Fred’s mistake in the latest match and is confident Fred will be on the sidelines for months if Sir Alex Ferguson remains manager. Manchester United’s team by Owen Hargreaves said:

A goal like this shouldn’t have happened and Fred should have had to stop but he lost two fights in a row at a time that should have been won, of course Sir Alex Ferguson would never be satisfied. With the incident, if he was still a manager and personally I am sure that Fred will definitely go on the sidelines for a month if he makes a mistake like this, so Fred needs to cut the game immediately and it shouldn’t be a situation like this. Happened to the team that sent the midfielder to the field, up to 2 people.