Jota reveals Liverpool can still win the English Premier League

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Liverpool forward Diogo Jota has revealed that Liverpool are still in contention for the Premier League title. Although they are 11 points behind Manchester City and playing just one game less.

With a strong team and excellent results. Liverpool is still a team to win the English Premier League. Plus now sticking to the top of the English Premier League table as usual. But the problem is that Liverpool can’t go up to the top1 of the points table. Previously it was Chelsea who took 1st place in the table for a long time. Most recently, it was Manchester City continued to collect victories until they were ranked number 1 of the scoreboard successfully

Makes Liverpool still ranked 2nd in the table as usual, and previously stumbled, giving points very often, causing the score to be 11 points behind Manchester City, even if playing less than 1 match, plus Liverpool are out of the right Using key players such as Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane as well, making the situation for Liverpool’s championship more difficult, but Diogo Jota is confident that Liverpool still have a chance to win the English Premier League.

“So far Manchester City have a lot of points ahead of us but our job is to narrow the gap as much as possible first and foremost, our draw against Chelsea is a good thing. For Manchester City, the UFABET teams that are competing for the title have cut themselves off points and the situation is not easy for us either, but we are ready to give our best until the end of the season and we are confident that we still have a chance to win the title. The English Premier League has arrived.”