Kylian Mbappe reveals he wants to leave the club But in the end, the deal did not happen.

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Kylian Mbappe has revealed he has informed Paris Saint-Germain since July. That want to move out of the team Among the interest of Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappe has revealed that he has asked to leave the club since July. After he refused to renew the contract to force the agency to allow him to move to Real Madrid. during the past summer But in the end, such a deal did not happen.

The 22-year-old French striker has a contract at home. Park des Princes Until next summer only. In the past, the club has tried to offer him a new contract twice. But that person refused all. Ready to firmly confirm that they want to move the team, while Real Madrid have made an offer of 137 million pounds to approach them in hopes of grabbing the French forward to join the team, but PSG think that the number offered is not impressive. they They insist they want a figure close to what they did when they signed Mbappe from Monaco for £165m, prompting the Spanish giants to decide to put the project down first. So this deal doesn’t happen.

Mbappe said of the transfer news over the summer: “I want the club to get the right amount for me. I made it clear that I wanted to leave the club.”

“I was very surprised when someone at the club told me that I made a transfer request in the last week of August. That’s not true I’ve been informed since late July that I want to move. I said it early so the club had time to prepare. It will be good for both parties.”

For Kylian Mbappe’s performance for PSG, he has scored a total of 136 goals in 182 games since joining from Monaco in August 2018.