Martinez Confident Aston Villa Can Beat West Ham

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Aston Villa’s Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez is confident that Aston Villa can beat West Ham United with a marked improvement.

To be honest, Aston Villa are not that strong. Their very disappointing performance, Aston Villa opted to sack Dean Smith before bringing in Steven Gerard. Became the new manager and Aston Villa did a better job respectively. Before starting to show signs of falling form again. Until Aston Villa have to fall into the bottom area of ​​the table. They are likely to run out of competition grabbed a ticket for the European Cup.

But after beating Brighton successfully, Aston Villa immediately restored their good form by collecting three wins in a row. Moving up to ninth in the table and the next match. Aston Villa will face West Ham United, who are also in contention for the top four, but Emiliano Martinez is confident Aston Villa can beat West Ham United. must go out to play UFABET

“We are in a very confident period with continued winning streak and personally I am confident we can win again in the next match even if West Ham United are at the top of the battle. The English Premier League and now are trying to compete for space in the European Cup, but personally I am confident that we will pass through it successfully.