Nuno reveals beating Aston Villa was very important to Spurs

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Tottenham Hotspur in the era of Nuno Santo debuted beautifully. The first 3 wins in a row. It is also the only team that has won the first 3 games in the English Premier League to be successful. But After the international break, Tottenham Hotspur have not been able to win a single match and have lost three in a row. Up to 9 goals and the latest game has just lost to the rival team in the city like Arsenal in a state of exhaustion as well.

Of course, Tottenham Hotspur need three crucial points urgently to salvage a terrible team situation and another stumble on points will not be a good thing for Tottenham Hotspur. How much, although facing Aston Villa will be hard work for Tottenham Hotspur, but with the team’s potential that is far superior, it is Tottenham that can beat A. Stan Villa was successful, with Nuno Santo admitting his latest win was very important.

“The last win meant a lot to us and to the fans and it was a tough match for us but throughout the game it was us who did better. Possession of the ball as well as creating chances, which Pierre Emile Hojberg scored for us to lead successfully, although we missed the goal, equalized, but we managed to close the game. “Tottenham Hotspur are away to four consecutive away games after the international break, with Newcastle, Vitesse, West Ham United and Burnley away. Jersey