Only four teams remain unbeaten in the Premier League this season.

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English Premier League season 2021/22 Having started 7 matches. Only 4 teams remain, who have failed to spell victory in the Premier League.

4 teams in the Premier League Those who have yet to win a single match are Southampton, Burnley, Newcastle and Norwich City, with the four teams ranked 17-20 respectively.

Southampton, who made 4 draws, lost 3 with 4 points, scored only 5 goals, conceded 10 goals, ranks 17th. They did an excellent job against reigning champions Manchester City, breaking through to split the points. causing many parties to expect that they will be the team that will challenge the area in the middle of the scoreboard But it’s not what many people think.

Burnley made 3 draws, lost 4 with 3 points equal to Newcastle. But there are better children who are 18 and 19 respectively. The work of both of them is very close. It can be said that they can’t eat each other. They lost 2 games from the last 5 matches as well.

And in the end, Norwich City made a performance, drawing 1, losing 6, sinking in 20th place in the table with only 1 point. They had a degree at the Championship last season. The rookies were heavily conceded 16 goals, but they were a little sympathetic as they had to face a lot of big teams early in the season. For example, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Leicester City and Everton.