Park wants fans to stop singing racist songs.

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After being born with the South Korean national team at the 2002 World Cup. It was PSV Eindhoven brought Park Ji Sung to the team before moving to Manchester United in 2005 with great results very much. Park Ji Sung has continued to maintain. His own standard of play until he stepped up to become. The main character of Manchester United successfully. Helped Manchester United to have a lot of success before Park Ji Sung will be regarded as a legend of Manchester United.

Football fans still sing cheering for Park Ji Sung until now. But the content of the song is quite racist. Which Park Ji Sung wants fans to stop singing to cheer him because the content of the song is not very good. By Park Ji Sung in an interview, “I understand that Manchester United fans are not intended to be racist with the lyrics. But after studying I want everything to end now.

“Because the content in the song makes all the South Korean people uncomfortable. I apologize on behalf of the young players have to hear this song. Although in the past the events in the lyrics have happened. But now everything has changed. And which each did not like the action in the past. I hope Manchester United fans will stop doing this. “After a request from Park Ji Sung, Manchester United accepted wanted let the football fans end this action. Immediately, which the fans are ready to cooperate. Park Ji Sung immediately, even though they have been singing cheering songs for a long time.