Pep warns Manchester City players must be more professional After having pictures of going out at night

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has warned the players Blue Sailing Boat that should be more professional After leaked photos of Jack Grealish. Phil Foden go out for a night out. Amid the epidemic of Covid that is spreading heavily in England.

The 50-year-old Spanish coach left a message for two great players, Jack Grealish and Phil Foden, to think more about the public. Otherwise, disciplinary action will be taken.

England stars Jack Grealish and Phil Foden have been disciplined. He was sacked from the squad for Manchester City‘s trip to Newcastle on Sunday. It was later pictured that the pair went on a night out following their 7-0 win over Leeds a few days earlier, and it made Pep Guardiola unhappy with the behavior of his players. especially with the epidemic situation of the COVID-19 virus. that are spreading heavily in England

Guardiola said In our career The work you do on and off the pitch is just as important. It’s the same. It’s very important. It takes your body and your mind. You have to be dedicated to your career, all the time, every second, or else there will be many boys who live every day for this career. And they should keep this career for as long as possible.

I said these words six years ago. you have to prepare And there are many players who live this way. That is why we have to talk like last season at UFABET.