Rodgers reveals that the team should perform better

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Leicester City are in a difficult time after a series of winless games in the English Premier League or the Europa League. Leicester City will be hoping to win the weekend. But facing Crystal Palace is not an easy task because Crystal Palace have been able to regain their good form after not losing many matches in a row. Still collecting victories in the situation of Crystal. Palace won’t get any better.

Leicester City being a much better team. Goals were taken first from Kelechi Iheanacho and Jamie Vardy. But in the second half it was Maitle Olise. With Geoffrey Schlupp scoring a different goal. Crystal Palace regained equality. He picked up a crucial point. Although Crystal Palace were still at the bottom of the table but Leicester City were. Dropped down to 13th in the table was completed. Which Brendan Rodgers was disappointed with the team’s performance in the latest match.

“At least 1 point is the score we deserve because our defensive game is quite problematic and we have many chances to close the game. Unfortunately not able to close the game successfully. The important thing is that we plugged Football was very easy both in the first half and the second half, so we need to do better because our performance is not close to the same standard at the moment. The score table was completed after only a draw in the last match.