Shining move! Sergi Roberto has yet to agree a new contract with Barca.

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Sergi Roberto, Barcelona’s versatile footballer. The remaining contract is only until next summer. Can not agree a new contract with the club.

29-year-old Spaniard Sergi Roberto has yet to agree a new contract with Barcelona. after agreeing to certain conditions Among the interest of Manchester City. The top teams of the English Premier League who want to join the team

Sergi Roberto’s current contract has less than a year left until it expires next summer. That means he can negotiate a transfer in January. By negotiating a new contract with Barcelona must stop after unable to agree on terms and conditions Expected to be a matter of reduced wages. and the term of the contract that is still not discussed It was reported that Sergi agreed to a reduction in wages. But for a contract term of at least 3 years while Barca Only submitted for 2 years

Recently, Sergi Roberto’s personal agent, Josep Maria Orobitk, confirmed that: “Now all negotiations have stopped. But it’s still open so we can come back and talk to each other at any time.”

For Roberto’s performance with Barcelona this season, he has played 8 games in all competitions, scoring 2 goals and providing 1 assist.