The Catalan outlet has revealed that Barcelona are still owing £98m for players from various clubs.

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It was revealed that Barcelona They still owe around £98m for the clubs they trade with.


Barcelona are still owed around £98 million for their players. A very high figure. Especially the current situation where they owe billions of euros.

The Catalan giant has been in serious financial trouble amid the coronavirus pandemic. They are a team with billions of euros in debt. According to Barca chairman Jones Laporta. They had to try hard to rectify the situation. both selling players Negotiating to reduce wages of players in the team In the past summer, they rarely had to pay for players. Most of the players who have signed are free agents. And there was an incident that shocked the football industry was that they announced their separation from Lionel Messi.

According to Marca, Barca have to pay clubs £98m, mainly £11m for Liverpool for Philippe Coutinho, £33m for Juventus for Miralem. Pjanic, £40m to Ajax Amsterdam for Frankie de Jong and Sergino Des.

However, Barcelona have been successful in cutting their team wages by as much as 24%, or almost a quarter. But the club has also lost around £492 million over the past couple of years. ufabet