Tuchel: Saul should be more dedicated

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Saul Niguez used to be the main character of Atletico Madrid before. Did a very good job as well before being reduced to a role as a backup last season. Making news of Saul Niguez’s transfer began to come out immediately. It was Manchester United and Chelsea wanted Saul Niguez to join the team. Which Atletico Madrid had no problem. If you have to release Saul Niguez from the team with an excess of Atletico Madrid is completed.

Prior to Chelsea, Saul Niguez successfully joined the team on loan. Chelsea hope Saul Niguez will help raise the team’s midfield a lot plus. Saul Niguez was also given the opportunity to start. The field before being substituted immediately at half-time. After Saul Niguez appeared to be the only substitute that Thomas Tuchel did. Came out to encourage Saul Niguez to try to devote more if he hopes to return to the real thing again.

“Saul Niguez doesn’t need to be in such a hurry because there is still a lot of time left and all he has to do is put in a lot of effort and adapt to the English Premier League. H will always be available to play, but I think he deserves to have a stage that has proven to be a good fit for Chelsea’s starting line-up, and it’s not right now. Field for Chelsea again in the cup competition to prove yourself.