Watford have parted ways with Cisco.

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Having missed relegation to the League Championship. Watford were relegated and appeared to be doing quite satisfactory with a win early on in the opening match. Lost three consecutive games before winning from Norwich City. Watford began to show symptoms again with a draw with Newcastle United. But for the team that was recently postponed. I came up to collect victory in 2 out of 6 matches is a very satisfying performance.

Before Watford’s clash with Leeds United. They haven’t won a single match. The team’s potential not much different. Watford are hoping to secure a win. Only the result came out as Leeds United. It managed to capture a narrow win from Diego Llorente’s 18th-minute winner. Pushing Watford down to the top. 15th of the table immediately with a score that is only 4 points clear of the team in the relegation area.

A disappointing performance, Watford decided to part ways with Cisco. Despite having only recently taken over as manager. Cisco taking over at Watford in December. It’s 2020. It can lead Watford back to the English Premier League successfully with a second-place finish in the standings. Claudio Ranieri likely to take over as Watford manager.