Werner delighted with scoring for Chelsea

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Chelsea continued to collect unbeaten records. Also collected many victories before losing to Manchester City unfortunately. Which Chelsea hope to make up for in the UEFA Champions League. Which will face Juventus. He are not a full team. But it is Federico Chiesa who scored the winning goal to help Juventus narrowly defeat Chelsea, making the match with Southampton. It means a lot to Chelsea, with the only condition being to keep winning.

And with the potential of a team that is superior to a different story, it is Chelsea that defeated Southampton quite easily, plus Timo Werner scored his first goal for Chelsea since February, which Timo Werner was delighted to be able to score, with Timo Werner saying: “I am very happy to be able to score goals and help Chelsea win even in the first half. Scored goals successfully, but it depends on the decision of the referee.”

“At 50/50 like this I had to accept the referee’s decision but in the end it was us who were able to win so it was very important for us to be able to win and it was not an easy job. A bit because Southampton were doing so well and we were fortunate that they missed a red card which opened up our chances even though they had many shots but it was us who. Do better and be able to keep winning.”